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School Supplynet's basic service is to bring together all vendors, sales reps and resellers and customers from the furniture industry under the same umbrella. We provide the following services to the various players in the furniture industry.


We understand that our value to furniture vendors lies in our ability to consistently help close more of your sales. To that end, there are a number of reasons why partnering with us will give you an edge over your competition and allow you to grow your market share.

They include:

Focused Service : Our dedicated and experienced professionals are there to assist you and your customers throughout the entire sales cycle. In addition, you can monitor your sales performances real time.

Marketing Tools : We offer various marketing tools that should facilitate closing sales faster.

Sales Rep Support : In addition to providing marketing tools, our sales rep force would also assist you to sell your products easily.

Improved Customer Retention : Excellent customer support and sales reps will build customer loyalty and increase repeat business among your current customers.

Competitive Rates : Our competitive rates often undercut the competition thereby increasing your sales.


School Supplynet offers various important services to the independent B&M Stores and Interior Designers.

In addition to the extraordinary advantages such as rebates, marketing support , School Supplynet has, over and above, a mission to ensure that all its resellers have access to the widest choice of products by taking advantage of its relationships with the principal vendors and partners in the area of furniture industry.

The advantages include:

1. Economical :

  • Access to the best possible prices from various suppliers and distributors in the industry
  • Competitive kickbacks from suppliers paid to the members
  • NEW: Access to our software which will help you to reduce all daily tasks plus it will find out the best product and the best price with our suppliers/distributors. That software will simply allow you to have more productive business.

 2. Networking : Take advantage of profitable meetings and sharing of ideas with others who share the same challenges as you do.

3. Publicity : Innovative and profitable publicity campaigns, distribution of flyers and miscellaneous promotional activities will increase your sales, your visibility and your notoriety in the market.

4. Exhibitions and conventions : Meet the most important suppliers of the industry and get acquainted with the most recent innovations and technologies.

5. Resellers owners : You always maintain your independence because our organization is EXCLUSIVELY at the service of its Resellers.

6. Resellers support : We are there to defend your interests, be it for problems related to distributors, suppliers or others.

7. Other services : Take advantage of rebates or other special prices offered for delivery services etc

Sales Reps

School Supplynet's Independent Sales Representative Program gives the following opportunities for independent sales reps.

The advantages include:

  • Promote the hottest and most exciting product in the furniture industry
  • Earn commission income on sales of products.
  • Enjoy thousands of dollars of tax savings while operating a part time home based business in the furniture industry.
  • For every completed sale that was initiated by the reseller who is promoted by the Sales Rep, shall be paid a commission from the manufacturer of 7% of the total sales invoice excluding taxes.


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