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Features for Vendors

We understand that our value to apparel, shoes, personal care and accessory vendors lies in our ability to consistently help close more sales. To that end, there are a number of reasons why partnering with us will give you an edge over your competition and allow you to grow your market share.

They include:

Focused Service : Our dedicated and experienced professionals are there to assist you and your customers throughout the entire sales cycle. In addition, you can monitor your sales performances real time.

Customer Access : By providing you access to all of the School Supplynet customers, you significantly increase your market access and share as soon as you log on.

Marketing Tools : We offer various marketing tools that will facilitate closing sales faster.

Sales Rep Support : In addition to providing marketing tools, our sales rep force will also assist you to sell your products easily.

Improved Customer Retention : Excellent customer support and sales reps will build customer loyalty and increase repeat business among your customers.

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