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Features for Retailers

School Supplynet offers various important services to the School supply stores and PTA stores

In addition to the extraordinary advantages available through School Supplynet, such as rebates, marketing support, and online presence, we also ensure that all resellers have access to the widest choice of products by taking advantage of its relationships with the principal vendors and partners in the apparel and personal care industry.

Such advantages include:

1. Economical :

    *      Access to the best possible prices from various suppliers and distributors in the industry
    *      Ability to change seasonal offerings with no physical inventory cost or storage
    *      Access to our software which will help reduce all daily administrative tasks plus it will find out the best product and the best price with our suppliers/distributors. That software will simply allow you to have more productive business.

 2. Networking : Take advantage of new and profitable relationships and the sharing of ideas with others who share the same challenges as you do.

3. Publicity : Innovative and profitable publicity campaigns on your behalf, use marketing module and promotional activities will increase your sales, your visibility and your brand in the market.

6. Resellers support : Support is always available at School Supplynet, whether to assist with a technical problem or product questions.

7. Other services : Take advantage of rebates or special prices offered for delivery services or the availability of your ‘own’ graphic design team with experience and marketing knowhow.

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